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Tent Compression Bag Ringstind 2

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Tent Compression Bag Ringstind 2

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We have a number of different tent covers that we sell separately. Size guide: Below you will find an indication of the type of tent size the different tent covers can fit. 45x15 cm: Ringstind Pro 2 (Green, Pro). 48x20cm: Fjellheimen Pro 4 Camp (Green, Pro). 60x26cm: Blefjell 4 (Green, Trek). 61x24cm: Svalbard 6 Camp (Red, X-Trem). 20x48cm: Fjellheimen Superlight 4 Camp (Blue, Superlight). 46x17 cm: Lofoten Superlight 2 (Blue, Superlight) 44x15cm: Ringstind 2 (Green, Pro) 50x22cm: Patagonia (Red, X-Trem) 55x23cm: Lofoten Pro 3 and 4 camp (Green, Pro) 65x25cm: Svalbard 5 and 6 camps and lavvo (Green, Pro)