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Stream Concept


Discover our Stream Pro Packraft

There’s something about exploring unknown territory. Going places you didn’t think you could, or discovering new routes. The lake you had to go around, the river that was too deep to cross. Not anymore. The Stream Pro Packraft is all about bringing another element of fun into your adventure and letting you explore in a whole new way! Stream Pro Packraft - the ultimate landscape traverse tool for multi-day adventures with equal parts walking and floating abilities. Weighing in at just 4.4kg, this solid packraft has a high float-ability with more volume in the tubes, making it agile even with heavier loads.

To enhance durability and puncture resistance, the Stream Pro Packraft features a TPU coating on both its interior and exterior. Additionally, we've streamlined the number of seams to reduce weight and minimize potential weak spots, resulting in a more durable and efficient tool for all your adventures

Watch our product walk-through with Snorre