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Stream Pro Packraft

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Stream Pro Packraft

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Product features

  • Carry weight


  • Height

    Outside size: 250x95x35cm

  • Length

    Inside size: 110x36x35cm

  • Material 1

    N420D 6.6 TPU laminated

  • Material 2

    N420D 6.6 TPU laminated o

Price: EUR 1,200

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The Stream PRO Packraft is the ultimate landscape traverse tool. Being robust and lightweight at the same time it is perfect for multiday adventures, both hiking and floating. High buoyancy with more volume in the tubes keeps the packraft agile, even when carrying heavier loads. The hull's fabric has a TPU coating on both the inside and outside for that extra puncture resistance. The number of seams has been optimized to save weight and minimize the amount of weak points. The seat is higher than normal to minimize the stress on your shoulders when paddling. No separate back rest is needed as we have designed the packraft to support your back better than a separate back rest can. Inflation bag and carry bag are included.