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Gravel SL Handlebar Harness

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Gravel SL Handlebar Harness

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    N420D with Double sided TPU Coating

Price: EUR 90

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The Gravel SL Handlebar Harness is a semi-rigid harness designed to carry dry bags, packrafts, and tents. It is like a "soft rack" for your handlebar, the harness has built in straps that excel at carrying light, bulky loads. When you need quick access to your stuff sack or dry bag, the harness is ideal. Best used for loads 3-5 kg. Depending on your frame and handlebar this will carry a 30 L Dry bag. EVA foam spacers make sure it clears all cables on the handlebar. With the Gravel SL Handlebar Harness you are ready to face the endless road ahead, wherever it might take you.

We love how far you can get on two wheels.The feeling of the wind rushing against our faces and the ever-changing scenery makes it all the more enjoyable. We also understand that it's not always easy to end a ride at the end of the day. That's why we created Gravel bike packing bags, to enhance your cycling experience by adding an extra layer of adventure. We encourage you to extend your rides by a day or two, making it a multi-day excursion. Our bags are crafted from waterproof materials and are easily attachable and detachable. They keep your essentials well-organized and completely dry, no matter where you choose to venture off to.