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Vincent in Antarctica

The more you know —The less you need

A solo and unsupported world record to the South Pole.

Vincent is no stranger to pushing his limits and stepping out of his comfort zone. With a new world record to the South Pole, he once again showed he loves pushing his limits. He decided to follow his friend Christian Eide's path and try to break the Antarctica record. Vincent's big goal was to ski 1,130 kilometers in less than 24 days, 1 hour, and 13 minutes. He wanted to be as fast as possible, so he carefully picked out his superlight gear, thinking about each and every gram. He had to find a balance between being comfortable and making sure he had everything for safety. Vincent wasn't just trying to beat a record; he was also changing the rules for polar expedition gear!

We got to join him on his journey to explore his mindset, preparations, and the valuable lessons he gained along the way. This is a documentary series that offers you a deeper understanding of Vincent and the new world record. Don't miss it!

Follow Vincent's expedition for real-time location updates and receive occasional voice messages from him to stay informed about his progress. For more information, please visit his page.