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Rago Winter Lady

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Rago Winter Lady

Product features

  • Carry weight


  • Fill material


  • Comfort temperature


  • Lower limit temperature


  • Max user length


  • Insulation material 1

    90/10 Goose Down 650 FP

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Introducing Rago Winter Lady, the ultimate winter sleeping bag developed especially for women, designed to keep you cozy on chilly nights. Based on Helsport's successful Rago series, this sleeping bag features a wide, extended section that allows for natural movement, avoiding cold spots caused by the down pressing against the sleeping bag wall. Filled with high-quality 650 duck down, it provides exceptional comfort and warmth during the colder months. We've added extra insulation around the foot and shoulder areas to ensure maximum warmth. Explore the great outdoors, and know that the Rago Winter Lady got you covered!