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Pro Concept


We’re not saying there won’t be sunny days, but with the explorer concept you know you can count on the products to protect you when needed. The products are durable and strong, and they are made for stability. So whenever you find yourself in an unpredictable weather situation, know that we get it, and know that the Pro concept is made for just that.

The Pro line is designed to handle various weather conditions, offering versatile products that are easy to carry. While durability is important, comfort is also a key focus. These products are built to last and provide good protection in most weather conditions, except for extreme winter conditions. Plus, they're lightweight enough to take on multi-day trips.

The fabrics we use in our Pro series are made from lightweight yet tough 30D polyester. They have ripstop technology, which makes them stronger and more resistant to tearing. These fabrics are also good at repelling water and letting air through.

Many people think that a fabric is good if it has a high water column rating. But the way this rating is measured can vary a lot between different companies. So, we focus on more than just the water column rating when testing our fabrics. We check both the water column and how strong the fabric is when it's torn. We believe that a fabric needs to be strong and have good seams and thread to perform well.

In our Pro tents, we use a strong outer fabric that's eight times tougher than regular tent materials. It's made from high-quality yarn and has silicone coating on both sides. This fabric can resist damage from UV rays and stays strong in different weather conditions.

The seams are crucial for the quality of a good tent, and having the right seam in the right place is therefore important. The seams experiencing the greatest stress are sewn with a flat-felled seam using the shuttle method. The flat-felled seam is the only seam that doesn't unravel if the threads break. Vulnerable stress points are reinforced with bar tacks. This is important to ensure that the tent can withstand stress and remains durable over time.

We know how fast the weather changes. How quickly you have to make decisions, and how crucial the equipment can be in certain situations. The products within the Pro concept is made for those situations.