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made for dreamers


"We should keep on dreaming and diving into things, even if there's a chance our dreams might flop. Because as you get older, you don't think about how many hours you've worked or how many emails you've responded to; you think about the experiences you've had, where in the world you've been, and who you've been with" – Børge Ousland

My goals are my dreams put into a system. They're not just wishes; they're backed by plans, smaller steps, and tasks. They resonate with who I am and what truly matters to me. Each step I take towards them feels like a step closer to where I want to be on my journey. – Kristin Harlia

We care about your sleep and how you feel on your adventures. Our sleep system is made to help you sleep well and wake up ready for the day. So, keep dreaming, and know we've got your back – no matter where your dreams take you!

Product developer - Moen

People of all ages come to nature, summer and winter, whether it's to the poles or forests – preferably both. And everyone wants to sleep well! Sleep is incredibly important, Moen explains. Those of us who work at Helsport felt it was time to offer the complete package you need for a night in nature. You need to practice what you preach, he continues, or was it 'walk the talk'? - The point is the same; now, a completely new sleep system from Helsport is coming. Mattresses, pillows, and new sleeping bags. A complete sleep system.

People should not have to think about what's happening inside the product. Between the inner fabric and the outer fabric. A good product is something you don't think about; it just works! And that's what the new products from Helsport do. Whether there's room for us in the market remains to be seen, but for now, we can at least offer the complete starter kit needed for a good night's sleep, comfortably, to have the best nature experience possible because that's exactly what it's all about. Good experiences!

Much of it is about selling as much as possible. At Helsport, we make products that should last a long time; if they're well taken care of, they can last for generations. And if you're unlucky enough to damage your tent, Jannicke will repair it! She takes care of all the repairs and is a natural part of product development. Together, we look at solutions for how products can be easily fixed, sewn, and quickly get back out on the trail, says Moen. What do you mean? No, that's a criterion we work from even before the product is made.

Moen smiles slightly and says there's almost a curse on product developers. At least I question almost everything. The perfect outdoor product hasn't been made yet, and that's amusing. There's always something new; even after 30 years, there are always new perspectives and discoveries. And I can think, 'why didn't I think of that before?' I'm probably not easy to live with.


Our sleep system is made for dreamers – go out and find yours!